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The Characteristics of a Forklift Driver

The Characteristics of a Forklift Driver

While you may already have a drivers’ licence, be a relatively safe individual or can pick up new skills and tools with ease, it’s still extremely important to know and understand why you need to have certain training and accreditation behind you before you tackle controlling a forklift truck. While these are particularly slow vehicles that are designed to be safe to use internally for warehouses and the like, there are still areas you should be aware of and clued up on before you get behind the controls.

Manoeuvring a forklift truck is not as easy as it may first seem – using such equipment requires steady navigation through tight and winding spaces, and as such the ideal driver must be at ease and in full control of such a vehicle at all times. An ideal forklift truck operator is one who has a firm hand and flexible control to allow for tight manoeuvres, as well as being well aware of the potential risk you pose to both yourself and your colleagues. Forklift trucks may have been designed to be both safe and efficient, however, negligent use of such a vehicle may result in injury and, in the worst circumstances, death. This is why it’s not only important to know what you’re doing behind the controls, but also to be aware of health and safety implications of using such a vehicle around other people. A forklift driver is conscientious as well as talented.

Companies will not hire a forklift driver until they have certain proof or training to assure that they can confidently and safely use such equipment – and while experience will play well in being hired to use a forklift, getting the necessary training from a certified body will prove that you not only understand how to use such a vehicle and appreciate the risks involved, but also that you are willing to take on more experience in future.

UK Industries Training offer a range of training and education to help people operate mobile lift vehicles, buses, lorries and forklift trucks. Our CPC Driver training provides the knowledge and ability you require to be able to confidently operate and use a forklift truck within any warehouse or industry environment. With this accreditation, you’ll be able to easily sign up for work which requires forklift use on a regular basis. Not only will you have the necessary credentials to prove that you are licensed to carry out the work, but you will leave with a sound idea of your responsibility with the vehicle and the effects improper usage can have upon yourself, your colleagues and the workplace. Within time, you’ll become a confident and safe forklift driver that companies will strive to hire.


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If you are keen to get into working with forklift trucks, are required to undergo further training or are looking to expand your repertoire, why not contact UK Industries Training for further information – in addition to our CPC training we can also equip you with the knowledge and ability you need to operate lifting platforms and other industry-standard vehicles.  With our training and your enthusiasm, there is no reason why you won’t be able to go further in industry!