Access Training For Those Working at Height

What is Access Training?

Access Training is training that is specially accommodated for those who work at height. This may be in the form of a tower, in which case you would require PASMA Training, or Mobile Elevation Work Platforms (MEWPS) where IPAF Training would be most appropriate. IPAF and PASMA are recognised bodies when proving competence to work at height. When completed, you will receive PASMA or IPAF certificate, or ID card. UK Industries Training have years of experience in supplying great quality training at our Nottingham based training centre. However an added benefit is we can travel to anywhere in the UK and we have the flexibility to run individual or open group training classes, which you can choose depending on your learning style.

Why is Access Training Important?

Access is important for many reasons, both for the trainee and for the company they represent.

Employees Can:

  • Learn new valuable skills through training.
  • Become more competent with equipment.
  • Advance their career prospect by gaining extra knowledge.

Employers Can:

  • Prove their employees are working safely to Health and Safety inspectors.
  • Save money on employee insurance if workers are registered with PASMA or IPAF.



More about PASMA Training

PASMA is the governing association for excellence in working at height. Their training schemes are well respected by most employers as a sign of competence.

A registered PASMA Access Training Scheme has been labelled as “the top training scheme for the industry”, which is clear to see as thousands of people have already taken up PASMA training in the many successful years it has been running. We at UK Industries Training have seen lots of satisfied employees obtain high quality training, and a certificate to prove their achievements. There are many levels and sections to PASMA Training here is a breakdown of some of these:

  • Low Level Access and Towers for Users – Shows the trainee how they can assemble,
  • relocate or dismantle low level access units and standard mobile access towers safely and effectively.
  • Mobile Access Tower Management – Helps the trainee understand what legislation and regulations apply to anyone working at height using a Mobile Access Tower.
  • Essentials for Working at Height – Helps the trainee to understand what safety regulations and guidance needs to be complied with to keep them safe and competent in their job role


Access Training – IPAF

IPAF or the International Powered Access Federation as they are also known. Have created an excellent training scheme that teaches workers how to use powered access tools competently. UK Industries have embraced the IPAF Training Scheme and we offer effective training to allow you to qualify as a registered IPAF member. When training is completed the trainee receives an IPAF PAL card which has the name and the qualification taken on the front. This shows employers that they can work effectively with Mobile Access Platforms and other equipment in the industry.

IPAF Training PAL cardIPAF Training is especially important to businesses. 1 in 5 companies fail Health and Safety examinations because employees have not taken the relevant access training they need to in order to be able to work safely at height.


IPAF logo

As with most training, there are various segments that make up the IPAF course this includes:

  • Work on Static Vertical Platforms
  • Static Boom – Learning how to use Self-propelled booms and vehicle-mounted platforms safely
  • You will also be trained to use all these machines effectively:
  • Mobile Vertical Access Platforms including scissor lifts
  • Mobile Booms
  • Push Around Verticals

As well as learning how to use the different types of access platforms, you will also be tested on some theory based knowledge on:

  • Climbing Work Platforms
  • Insulated Aerial Devices
  • Use and Inspection of Harnesses.
  • Loading and Unloading of equipment

If you would like to know more about any of our Access Training Courses please contact us via the details found on our website.