Confined Space Training Course

Course basics

The aim of this course is to provide awareness of the need for a safe working environment within a confined space, and to make your employees aware of the procedures to ensure a safe access and egress Confined Space Training Coursein all work spaces. As well as this, we promote the importance of having emergency procedures in place whilst operators are working in their confined areas.

Areas Covered

  • Companies safety policy and safe system of work
  • Acts and regulations
  • Interpretation and recognition of confined spaces
  • Risk assessment
  • Preventing the need for entry
  • Safe working in confined space
  • Use of permits to work
  • Maintenance, equipment checks and inspection, test certificates and records
  • Emergency and rescue procedure
  • Practical scenarios
  • Controlled access and egress into onsite spaces
  • Understanding of the SCBA set the danger signs associated with the sets
  • Variations of the types of SCBA.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to enter and work safely within the confined spaces using the necessary and appropriate equipment.

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