Corona Virus Update

UK Industries Training is dedicated to the safety of our delegates and employees at this time of crisis. We have worked tirelessly to have an action plan on how we can train safely and have taken every step we feel possible in achieving this. Some examples of what we have done are as follows,

  1. Take temperatures on entry.
  2. Only allowing 1 person in reception at a time.
  3. One way system round the building.
  4. One person to a classroom ideally, 2 maximum (classrooms 9 meters x 4 meters)
  5. Hand sanitiser for entry and exit of rooms
  6. Only to leave rooms for the bathroom, 1 person in the building at a time.
  7. Instructor lead over live feed into classrooms.
  8. Numbers kept to a minimum for practical elements.
  9. Each course has its own RAMS to adhere to.

If we are vigilant and keep to the rues then the risk will above and beyond government guidance so kept to a minimum.
We will start taking bookings for our popular courses; they will have the following amendments to keep them safe.

We will be doing the theory online, once booked on you will get emailed a link to complete the theory training, once passed you can then attend our premises  to complete the theory test.

We will be doing 2 delegates in the morning and 2 in the afternoon; you will have your own classroom to complete the test.

Once passed you will proceed to the practical area where you will be given direction by the instructor for the practical element.

Social distancing will be adhered to throughout, we will take extra measures for example, having a number of instruction manuals printed off as not to cross contaminate, face masks and visors to be worn.

When on the machines you stay on that machine until passing that practical, the machines will be disinfected between users.

When passed you can take all of your belongings, proceed to you transport using the one way systems, the rooms will be disinfected before the next delegate arrives.

Details RAMS will be in each training room. Please see the following link to IPAFs website regarding safe working

We will be taking bookings in June for these courses.

These courses have been massively affected by the current situation, the maximum class size will be reduced from 20 to 10 but more importantly this will have to be done online.

We feel this could cause its own issues due to internet technical issues, natural interruptions that can occur in the home, especially with young children, pets etc so we have come up with an alternative which we feel is unique as a training provider.

This will be useful for the delegate who does not have the hardware or the technical knowhow to complete a course online.

We have set up 10 classrooms each with a computer, we will have an instructor over a live feed also in the building, this way we are on hand for any technical issues or problems that may occur as to keep the course running smoothly.

We can make sure you have all the relevant books needed to complete the course, any last minute bookings may struggle to get the course books on time if relying on a reduced postal service.


We believe with everything that we have put in place is adhered to then we can carry out safe training courses with minimal disruption.

Please see the following link to CITB for Corona updates COVID-19 updates page



We are now delivering the CSCS computer tests.

Rooms are segregated for social distancing.

Numbers are reduced to a maximum of 3 delegates (instead of 8)

Bookings are now being taken for fork truck training.

This course will be done with the following training ratios, 1 delegate to 1 instructor on 1 truck.

Social distancing in the training room will be met.

PPE supplied such as face screen and masks for when the practical element is taking place.

The theory will be done over a remote session to keep the delegate and instructor apart.

Machines disinfected between use and during the day.

The reduced numbers on the course reduces the hours needed to train (as you will have the machine to yourself for the whole duration) so course lengths are drastically reduced.

The following link has more details on the specific truck training timings helpful download.

We are delivering the Towers for Users Course.

The theory is online and can be completed at your leisure.

Once you have completed the theory you can attend a reduced numbers practical session with a maximum of 3 people.

We have purchased a specialist tower for single person erecting to keep to social distancing rules.

The instructor demonstrates the other towers to the group.

At the time of writing this (13th May 2020) PASMAs advice was not to attend the practical course until further notice, we will keep you updated on this.

Please see the following link for more details

For all other courses please enquire on  0115 88 00 188

Please stay safe in these unprecedented times