Certificate of Professional Competence training with UK Industries

what is driver certificate of professional competence?

What is Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and what will I have to do to get one

Driver cpc modules

When your work involves driving for either hire or reward you will have to do driver CPC training.   What does CPC stands for? Well, it stands for certificate of professional competence, and is a certificate that shows your competence as a driver. The CPC is awarded when the modules around safety, effective driving practice and hazard/risk management are successfully completed. You may be surprised to know that anyone who has a job that is mainly driving needs to obtain and then update this certificate every 5 years.  This will allow them to carry on working. The other point is, that should someone be thinking about getting a job such as a truck driver, taxi driver or coach driver – this is one of the essential qualifications.

Certificate of Professional Competence training with UK Industries

What does the CPC Training involve?

To get the certificate of professional competence you have to do supervised training, this focuses on four key modules.  As well as that there are specific driver cpc modules that have to be completed.  The modules are obligatory and the remaining part of the training modules must be completed to add up to a total of 35 hours. The training is done under the careful supervision of qualified cpc instructors and it can be done in just one block or in separate sessions.

What does getting the driver certificate of professional competence involve?

We offer quality driver training. Most of these centres offer group bookings as well as catering for individuals in some of the open sessions. After the training then you will have to take an exam which comprises of;

  • A theory test.  This will look at how much you know your driving theory as well as hazard perceptions etc.  You have to pass this before you can take the practical test.
  • A case study test. You will do this part of the certificate on the computer and it examines how you would react in a variety of situations. This might be something like driving in extreme conditions for example.
  •  A practical driving test. This tests your ability around practical driving, off road exercise and vehicles safety. It lasts around an hour and a half.
  • The final, and mandatory, part of the driver CPC test involves a practical driving demonstration which mainly focuses on how you look after and maintain your vehicle.

You need to successfully pass the above four driver cpc modules before you can complete the other modules to allow you to finish your training and qualify for your certificate.

Whether you are already a driver for hire or reward or if you think that driving for a living is something you might like to do then you really should get the driver cpc obligatory qualification. You actually only have until the 10th September this year to get the driver CPC certificate – so don’t put it off, start early and make sure you are legal to ensure you can carry on working.

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