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The Importance Of Driver CPC Courses

The Importance Of Driver CPC Courses

It can almost seem as though there are new rules regarding driving in the workplace coming out all the time, but it is important to remember that ignorance of the law is no excuse or defence. This means that employees and employers have to

take the initiative in ensuring that they are meeting all of their requirements. New legislation came into being on the 10th of September 2014 regarding the Driver CPC qualification and basically, if you aim to drive a bus, coach or lorry in a professional manner, you need to have this qualification.

Many drivers will believe that the duty falls on their employer to make sure that they have this qualification, but this is something that can be of benefit to everyone. If you are a freelance driver, currently looking for work or you just want to ensure that you have everything in place to earn a living, having this qualification is essential. As always with the law, there are some exemptions that will allow some drivers to drive without this qualification, but it is rather vague, which means that it best to be on the safe side.
You should note that there are four key components of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and a reliable Driver CPC course will ensure that you are well placed to take on all four components. The 4 parts are:

  • Part 1 is the theory test (containing a multiple choice test and a hazard perception test)
  • Part 2 is the Driver case studies test
  • Part 3 is a test of the drivers ability to drive
  • Part 4 is the Driver practical demonstration test

These four elements will test all of the different skills and understanding of drivers, which means that some drivers will need to freshen up their skills and knowledge of the laws of the road. It can be all too easy to slip into bad habits when driving, which means that a driver with plenty of experience could be at risk of failing the course. Not having this qualification means that your livelihood could be at stake, so it is crucial that drivers take this course seriously and this is where finding reliable and effective Driver CPC courses can make a massive difference to how you feel heading into these tests.


Developing and strengthening your driving skills is always of benefit

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Even if you have been driving professional for many years, it never hurts to freshen your skills and develop a better understanding of your driving skills. The purpose of these courses is not to point out your flaws and failings in a negative manner, it is to ensure that these flaws can be minimised while providing you with the platform to improve your skills and confidence on the road. With tighter legal requirements being placed on drivers, there is a lot to be said for developing skills and confidence in an effective manner.
It is important to be aware that professional drivers need to have completed 35 hours of driver CPC training every five years. There is a degree of flexibility in how you complete these hours. Some drivers will find that booking a week solely focused on the course will be of benefit while other drivers will prefer to spread the course out over a longer period of time. Different people learn in different ways and different drivers have confidence in certain aspects of driving and perhaps not in others. This is why the freedom to take the course in the manner that suits you best is a good thing, but it is essential that drivers complete the training before the deadline.
Much like initially learning to drive a course, choosing the right instructor or course can make a difference to how you develop and improve your skills. If you want to take the Driver CPC courses in the best possible manner, working with the experts and professionals to develop your skills and understanding will be of considerable benefit.