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What is Driver CPC training and why do you need it?

What is Driver CPC training and why do you need it?

When it comes to driving a heavy goods vehicle, it is essential that whoever is behind the wheel has the relevant training and licence in order to be considered safe to drive it – and, as standard in the UK, Driver CPC Training is required for anyone looking to register a Class C or Class D licence, and as such, it is expected that all coach, bus and lorry drivers have completed such training satisfactorily – it’s a case of both being able to confidently drive a considerably large vehicle alongside being able to control such a machine safely on public roads.

CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence – and this is essentially what Driver CPC Training sets out to prove.  Holding relevant training in this regard lets people know that you not only understand how to operate and stop a large vehicle when necessary, but also that you understand and respect the safety of other road users.  Vehicles such as buses and lorries are far larger than your standard cars on the road, and as such, there are a whole new set of safety checks and measures that you need ensure you are capable of adhering to while on the road at all times – if not, you could potentially be putting many lives at risk.

Why is Driver CPC training essential?

CPC Training for drivers is essential if you are looking to carry out regular work as a bus or lorry driver, and all employers require their drivers to ensure that such training and education is up to date and satisfactory.  Carrying invalid or non-existent CPC training credentials is a matter of breaking the law – which will not only impact on your employer, but will also impact on you in the long term.

All HGV and LGV drivers are legally required to refresh their CPC training every five years – this has been a requirement deemed by the government as fair to ensure that all drivers of large commercial vehicles remain alert and aware of their presences on the road.  Driving commercially without valid licensing is inadvisable – whether you operate a waste lorry or a bendy bus, Driver CPC Training will run the gamut of safety protocols and basic driver knowledge to ensure that you are truly ready to take to the road.  If you miss your deadline for CPC training, you could also face a fine – making it all the more important to train as soon as you can.

Driver CPC Training needn’t be hard to come by, and here at UK Industries Training, we offer comprehensive starter and refresher CPC modules for anyone looking to take a commercial heavy goods or LGV to the road.  With years of training experience and expertise behind us, we will be happy to arrange for training modules for you or your employees – simply call us for more information on 0115 880 0188 and can discuss your needs and availability for training at your convenience.  After all – it’s better to be safe than be sorry!