Driver CPC Training: The Views of John Lindley

Opinions on Driver CPC Training

We interviewed John Lindley, a Lorry Driver with over 30 years career experience, over how important he believes Driver CPC Training to be.

Certificate of Professional Competence training with UK Industries

What were your first expectations of Driver CPC Training?

At first, I was a bit unsure about Driver CPC. I had been listening to the opinions of various colleagues as I started my first job as a truck driver in South London and I had heard the good and the bad. Most however, said that it had been essential to them when aiming to stay competent in their job role.

As various rules and regulations governing us Lorry Drivers changed, Driver CPC kept us up to date on this. The joining of theory and practical work which seemed dull and time consuming at first, then flourished into an interesting journey of discovery. I looked forward to my first ever Driver CPC Training Course. I knew that it would be challenging, there was no doubt about it. But this didn’t faze me in the slightest. After renewing my Driver CPC over the various years in my profession I grew from strength to strength and got where I am today.

Driver CPC Training

What do you feel are the advantages of the training?

Personally, for me, the idea of gaining quality training on a regular basis is the best way to keep on top of your game. There are 3 main advantages of the training that I feel are particularly important.

Because It’s delivered on a regular basis it has helped to keep me competent and up to date and safe on the road.  Secondly I feel that Driver CPC has helped saved lives. Training people to drive Lorries safely has helped improve the skills of those who are good at what they do and has help to keep other people who may not have been able to manage the tasks they were given off of the road. Without Driver CPC being available to distinguish between those who are more capable than others, some drivers may have become a danger to other road users. Finally, I have come to realise that it is a genuine qualification, which I always show to my employers to prove that I am still good at what I do! Whilst aiming for progress at work I used Driver CPC to help aid myself in future job prospects. For me Driver CPC Training was important in securing those vital promotions at work.

Would you recommend UK Industries Training to a friend if they were looking for Driver CPC Training?

I certainly would, the combination of enthusiastic, friendly and fully qualified trainers, coupled with the choices in terms of course dates, times and class sizes made it second to none. As I was local to Nottingham it made it especially easy to access and I would definitely recommend UK Industries Training to a friend if they were looking for quality Driver CPC Training. In my honest opinion, I would urge anyone to give these team of experts a call today and find out how they can help you.