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Driver Qualification Card: Your Ticket to a New Career In Driving

Driver Qualification Card: Your Ticket to a New Career In Driving 


A driver qualification card is essential for a career driving Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs). You wouldn’t work as a taxi driver without a driving license, so why would you drive large vehicles professionally without a certificate? Driving large vehicles can be dangerous work, both to yourself and to other road users, including small cars and cyclists. LGVs can carry immense weights and the sheer length of them makes them very different to driving your average car. Having an ordinary driving license is just not enough if you’re planning to start a career driving large vehicles.

Whether you work daily for a company or are hiring out your services to others, you must not drive a large vehicle professionally without a CPC. Booking a course with UK Industries Training is the first step to your new profession and here’s how:


Driver Qualification Card: What is it? 

A driver qualification card is a certificate of professional competence in driving heavy duty vehicles such as lorries. Just as you have a driving license to show you’re safe to drive on the roads, you gain a CPC to show you’re safe to drive much larger vehicles for any type of goods movement.

You are awarded a CPC after you have completed the relevant training, including modules in safety, good driving practice and managing potential dangers. Once you have completed the course, as a professional driver, you will have to update your award every five years. This course and award has a two fold purpose, it licenses you to drive LGVs and enhances your career opportunities while also protecting public safety.

Driver Qualification Card: How to Get Yours

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To achieve your driver qualification card you will have to undergo supervised training on key aspects of driving LGVs, you must complete the required modules to pass the course. Training must be completed over a period of 35 hours, either in

1) Theory – You must have the road knowledge and required danger awareness of your LGV, so this is the first test, taken before the practical steps.The test of your learning comes in four distinct parts and you must pass every section to achieve your card.straight blocks or separate sessions over a longer period of time. A qualified CPC trainer will be with you the entire time to guide you. You should think of your CPC as a lesson, not a test, because what you learn will be essential to your every day practice as an LGV driver.

2) Case Study – This theoretical step is to measure your reactions in hypothetical instances of driving, which you may very well find yourself in at some point in your LGV driving career.

3) Practical Test – Before you hit the road, we need to know how you handle the vehicle itself, this is a test of your safety as well as your driving ability.

4) Driving Demonstration – After progressing past step three, we’re pretty confident you know how to drive the vehicle, so this step concentrates on what you do while you’re not driving. It’s all about maintenance and care, to ensure any potential dangers are dealt with long before they could ever become a problem.

  • Complete your requisite training and the four sections and you qualify for your certificate, but more importantly you know you are a safe, competent LGV driver with limitless career prospects.
  • Gaining your driver qualification card doesn’t just open the door to a new career, it blows the roof off. Once you’ve qualified the possibilities are endless and our helpful, professional service is a clear path to get you to where you want to go.

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