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Is face fit testing training useful?

Is face fit testing training useful?

Whether you work as an engineer, a construction expert or in manufacturing, it’s highly likely that you will be faced with an industrial hazard or two.  Unfortunately, many potentially hazardous situations, chemicals and substances are needed in order for certain industries to thrive and for supply to meet demand – but this does not excuse reckless behaviour.  As with health and safety rules elsewhere on a factory floor or in an engineering environment, it is incredibly important that you and your employees are fully aware of how to tackle certain risks, and how to prepare yourselves and protect against any chance of injury or worse occurring to your team.  Preparing the right face protection for your workforce is just one step that you will need to observe – and UK Industries Training offer a short but effective half-day in face fit testing training to ensure that you and your colleagues are equipped and ready to handle any situation or role that will see the need for face masks and protection.

Finding the correct face mask is often the first hurdle but is no less important than any other – working with dust, asbestos or potentially harmful chemicals?  You’ll need the right face make to protect your breathing.  The course aims to not only establish the different types of mask available for the different areas of your work, but will also aim to teach engineers and construction workers alike on how to fit them correctly and how to use them effectively in their workspace.

Our face fit testing training will help users understand the legal ramifications of wearing the correct face protection in the workplace, as well as how they fall in line with COSHH risk assessment and how each and every employee is responsible for their own safety as well as their colleagues’ – as improper safety precautions have a knock-on effect for everyone, not just the individual, regardless of what they may be.

The course will enable employees to be able to confidently select the right mask for the hazard involved and to be able to fit them correctly and securely.  It is also important that anyone using face masks should know when to repair or replace their face protection as well as how to keep vigilance on their maintenance.  At the end of the course, a face fitting test will take place, allowing all attendees to put their new knowledge into practice.  This is an element of the course that works particularly well at preparing engineers for using such equipment in everyday work.

For more information on why face fitting testing and using the correct facial protection is essential to any role in an industry where hazardous situations are rife – or to arrange for a group booking on our half-day course, call UK Industries Training today on 0115 880 0188 or contact us via our web form with your query.  We will be happy and willing to ensure that you and your staff are confident and ready to complete even the most hazardous tasks with ease and safety.