Face Fit test training

This course allows delegates to test the fit of face masks for others at their company. Upon completion, the delegate will be able to ensure that the face masks worn by their co-workers are properly fitting and safe.

Key areas:

  • Face masks explained and where to use them
  • The law, COSHH risk assessment and legal responsibilities
  • Selecting the right mask and type to match the hazard
  • Ensuring the mask protects the wearer
  • Maintaining the mask and knowing when to replace
  • Practical face fitting test.

Half day training course

The aim of this course is to educate your employees to the importance of the correct fitting procedure of their face masks, and also to what the different masks protect you from.

On completion the employee will be competent in the correct choice and fitting of the face mask.

Face fit test training

Please note, candidates must be clean shaven to complete this course.

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