Emergency First Aid training

First aid training can save lives

First aid training can save lives

No matter the business, no matter the industry, safety is essential – particularly when it comes to working with tools and machinery, in warehouses or externally – and while it is crucial that all staff know how to operate the tools that they are put in charge of, there should be the opportunity and availability for first aid no matter the circumstances.  After all, no one knows when an emergency or incident could be likely to happen – the safest workforce could still host workers who have health conditions that may need attention in future for the sake of their lives – meaning that it is all the more important for some workers to be trained and knowledgable on how to take the correct action in providing care and assistance in the correct ways.  First aid techniques should, therefore, be near the very top of your list of training priorities.

Staff trained fully in first aid techniques will be able to address wounds, grazes, assist to minor breaks, injuries and offer CPR as and where necessary.  Anyone trained in first aid will be able to confidently and correctly undertake the correct procedure to safely ensure workers are aided and kept safe in times of emergency, injury, or sudden illness.  Training one or more members of your workforce in first aid also ensures that an injured worker’s illness or malady are attended to quickly to prevent worsening of symptoms or a condition, and to ensure that the worker in question is nursed back to health as soon as possible.

Where can I get training?

A worker versed in first aid training techniques will be able to attend to an accident or injury as quickly and as correctly as possible before potential intervention from emergency services.  If an injury does require paramedic attention, a first aid supervisor will be able to ensure that all health procedures are followed correctly ahead of any additional support or action taken by medical support via hospital or ambulance.  Essentially, while there is only so much a first aider can do, their work is crucial to ensuring that workers are kept safe and given correct health support ahead of any paramedic intervention.

UK Industries Training offer comprehensive first aid training and support packages to help ensure that one or more of your staff are versed in how to help people who are injured or who fall ill within your business or premises.  Ensuring that staff are trained in first aid is not just a safety requirement, but a legal one – leaving yourself with no opportunity for first aid support leaves you open to legal ramifications as well as the health and wellbeing of your workforce being laid bare.  We offer affordable and complete training in all first aid techniques and have a range of packages to suit any business needs.


If you or your workers have a need for training in first aid techniques, why not contact us today for advice, support and more information on our packages?  We’ll be happy to help make things safer for you one course at a time.