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Why Forklift Trucks are Essential

Why are Forklift Trucks essential?

In the lifting and transporting industry good forklift trucks are essential to save a business time and money.  They are the workhorses of the industry. People nowadays want something easier and safer than having to operate a manual poweredhoist to lift heavy loads, and who can blame them? Forklift trucks doesn’t just lift heavy loads, they also make it easier to transport heavy loads from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner. They have been developed over the years to become more versatile and adapt to the increasing demands of the industry.


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Increasing warehouse storage

Warehouses can be busy and dangerous places filled with plenty of stock, meaning it’s an ideal place for forklift trucks. Thanks to the forklifts ability to efficiently stack heavy, large quantities of stock in height, they turn a big warehouse job into a quick 5 minute job.

In fact the invention of forklift trucks has helped change the design of warehouses. Thanks to rear-wheel steering, which makes the forklift trucks more manoeuvrable in tight cornering situations, warehouses can now have narrower aisles. In addition, the hydraulic elevator for the forklift tractor lets the warehouses have a higher load stacking. Higher loading and narrower aisles of course increases the storage capability of the warehouse.


Loading and unloading heavy loads

Loading and unloading goods from vehicles such as Lorries, aircraft and container ships is no easy task. Forklift trucks come in several varieties and loading capacities. Most trucks made for use in warehouses has a load capacity of 1 to 5 tonnes, but there are also bigger trucks for shipping containers that can lift up to 50 tonnes. Forklift trucks enables you to safely lift each load up and place it in the exact location where it needs to go. The mast on some forklift trucks can be tilted back to counterweight the blades angling towards the ground due to the weight of the load.

Builders are known for having to carry heavy building resources and tools around their work sites. With the help of forklift trucks they can cut down on any time wasted transporting gear around the site, ideal for projects where manpower and budget is limited.


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Forklift trucks for long and wide loads

Forklift trucks known as side loaders are perfect for lifting long or wide loads such as piping, timber or sheets. These long and wide loads would make a conventional counterbalance forklift truck unstable. As the name suggests these trucks lift the load from the side, from the operator’s perspective, meaning you can load and unload from the side if you don’t have room to turn. Since the load is facing in the direction of travel it works well in narrow aisles and doorways, whilst still giving the operator a clear view in front and behind.


Forklift trucks is a great addition to the lifting and transporting industry, however it is a powerful piece of equipment and so requires sufficient training. It is illegal to operate a forklift truck unless you are trained to do so. Contact UK Industries training today on 0115 880 0188 to find out more.