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Why Use Fork Lift Trucks?

Fork Lift Training is vital for anyone who uses Fork Lift Trucks. Fork Lift Trucks are used to move heavy materials, across short distances that are often impossible to move by hand alone. Fork lifts are becoming more and more common as businesses are trying to find innovative ways of transporting items around factories etc. Without the risk of injury associated with heavy lifting. However like most machines, a Fork Lift Truck is just as big a risk to injury due to its weight and sharp points, and can cause havoc if not used properly. This is why these machines need to be operated in a safe and sensible manner, and this is the main reason why it is important for operators to be trained and certified to use them.


What Does Fork Lift Training Consist Of?

There are many different levels of Fork Lift Training available as there are 3 main types of fork-lift truck that are used in industry. These include counterbalance, reach and VNA (Very Narrow Aisle). On most courses you will learn a lot more about each of the types of fork lift, their characteristics and purposes. You must do a full training course if you haven’t got any licences and start with the most common counterbalance Fork Lift, as this is the most commonly used model. The training usually lasts either 3 or 5 days although this depends on how extensive the training is. The training consists of theory and practical elements, just like a car driving license. At the end of the course you will be tested on both elements of the course, theory and practical and with a good level of study and having learnt the right skills you should pass with flying colours. Once you have passed you are issued with a license for the type/s of truck you did your training on. You must do a 1 day refresher course every 3 years to keep your licence.

Why is Fork Lift Training Important?

Fork lift training is extremely important as it shows employers that Fork Lift Operators are trained to use the equipment they work with correctly and safely. A forklift license lasts for 3 years before you must complete additional training to prove your competency. But remember, the more quality training you receive, the more your skills will grow, and this will allow your career prospects to flourish as you will become an experienced member of any Fork Lift Operating team. Be that in a warehouse, on a Builder’s Yard or on a Delivery Truck. Your skills will be extendable to all different areas of work where a Fork Lift is required.fork lift training

Train to Be Productive whilst Being Safe

For a business where a fast, speedy dispatch service is required. Having a fully trained fork lift operator who can manoeuvre goods quickly yet safely, is absolutely crucial. If you’re trained to perform at high speed whilst not posing a danger to anyone else, then you are in a strong position in terms of finding a strong and long lasting job prospect. Give UK Industries Training a call today and enquire about Fork Lift Training courses.