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The importance of site supervisors’ safety training scheme (SSSTS)

The Importance of Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)

If you’re a junior manager or site supervisor, you’ll likely be in charge of a number of employees in an environment that carries a number of potential dangers and occupational health hazards.  Being in a position of authority and safety, it’s therefore important that you understand and can apply knowledge of areas in your trade and occupation that can potentially cause harm and injury to your employees, as well as an appreciation and understanding of what to do during certain emergency situations and protocols.  The ideal way to build a foundation for such knowledge is via a two-day course known as the Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme, which is the legal standard for providing Site Supervisor training.

The Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme may be a short course, however, it is a legal and recognised paragon of occupational health training and knowledge sharing that enables site foremen, managers, gangers and supervisors manage a team and their environment safely and correctly in order to avoid injuries, equipment damage and loss of business.  Keeping your employees safe should be your site’s number one priority – regardless of the industry you work in – and it’s therefore important to sign up for the SSSTS like the training offered by UK Industries Training, if you are in a position of supervising authority.  Site Supervisor training is just as much about educating your team as much as it is about educating yourself!

What topics does site supervisor training cover?

Site Supervisors Training covers a broad range of topics and issues that you may face on-site on a daily basis, ranging from first aid basics, fire prevention and handling, manual work and controlling hazardous substances, to finer points such as health and safety law, risk assessment control, proactive site monitoring and the general areas where occupational health hazards can occur.  You’ll not only gain appreciation and understanding of these areas, you’ll also learn how to apply best practice to your everyday working life.

Site Supervisor training will also enable you to start sharing your knowledge with your employees, and will allow you to conduct and carry out a number of legal meetings and training sessions that will allow your employees to understand the ramifications of poor form and practice, as well as how to keep safe at work.  By imparting such knowledge, you are helping your team help themselves – and, as such, you are becoming a better leader by imparting such concern and control over your employees.  Signing up for the scheme will enable you to be able to return to site to confidently train and educate your team better in the finer points of site safety and personal responsibilities.

If you are in a supervisory position on a construction site or in an industry that requires manual handling, heavy lifting and working at height, you will benefit both legally and professionally from signing onto the SSSTS for Site Supervisor Training, which UK Industries Training provides UK-wide.  For more information on what the scheme entails and how it can help your workplace become a healthier and safer place to work, call us directly on 0115 880 0188 and we will be happy to discuss training opportunities near you at your convenience.