How Important is Site Safety

How Important is Site Safety?

How Important is Site Safety?

In recent years there are many people who believe that the world has gone ‘health and safety crazy’. However, it’s vital that construction workers on site are briefed on the importance of health and safety and what it means for them.

In 2016, the number of fines that firms were made to pay out rose dramatically, with over £61 million paid out by companies across the country, an increase of 148% since the year before. And the average fine that was paid out rose from £69,500 to £211,000.

For those working in a construction setting, cables, heavy plant machinery and manual machines are common place. Despite being a necessary part of the job, these machines can turn against you in a moment’s notice and become seriously dangerous if in inexperienced hands.

Here at UK Industries Training, we understand that individuals need training in order to deal with the machines that they are handling on a daily basis. We provide training courses that range from forklift safety to confined space training. Everything you could need to be able to work efficiently and safely on a construction site.

On a construction site, there are numerous other things that can be done to limit the amount of injuries or accidents that happen at the workplace, but making sure people are competent and well-trained is a huge advantage.

The most common risks that are posed on building sites are the huge variation of heavy plant machinery that is there. As well as that, many construction sites require tradesmen to work at height.

If you’re a construction company owner or manager and have responsibility for the overall health and well-being for all of the tradespeople on site, it is recommended that you take a health and safety course as well. What’s the use in implementing safety procedures if you aren’t aware of what they mean? We have numerous courses that managers can take as well as employees of the business.

To view our range of courses visit our training courses page and make sure that your workforce is up to date with all of their skills to ensure your business isn’t falling behind on health and safety.