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How IOSH management training helps your team as much as it helps you

How IOSH management training helps your team as much as it helps you

No matter where you work, regardless of industry, role, position or authority, management should always be in place to ensure employee safety as much as to authorise and oversee work – meaning that a truly competent manager is one who understands and uses their role to the benefit of their staff, as opposed to the detriment.  An effective management professional is one who understands and exercises all of their company’s values, is responsible for their actions, offers support, guidance and rehabilitation to all employees without question, and can ultimately be held to account for their team.  After all, a manager is only ever as good as their employees – and an ineffective team or one which resents their management is likely to be a reflection of a poor manager that fails to both understand their employees and how to effectively operate in their own position.

What does IOSH training teach you?

UK Industries Training recommends IOSH Managing Safely training to ensure that workplace managers are aware of risks, potential hazards and health and safety protocols that are in place to safeguard and aid employees, not to punish them – it is essential that managers themselves understand exactly why employee health and safety is optimum over any other matter in the workplace, and that they understand how to effectively assess, prepare and react with regard to any problems or issues that may arise.

The course we offer largely focuses on risk assessment and understanding responsibility.  An effective manager should be able to prioritise their workplace for health and safety while also prioritising the safety and wellbeing of their own employees.  Employees that are at risk in the workplace are at risk of losing their livelihoods, which will likely have a knock-on effect for improper safety management – meaning that is within the best interests of any managers in a workplace to accurately assess and prepare for any potential hazards or dangers to their staff.  This means that work can be carried out safely, efficiently, and to the standard that is expected of them.

Team of WorkersThe course actively recognises the areas in which management should be ready to assess and cover in terms of health and safety – and the knock-on effect of such training will mean that your company witnesses boosts to both productivity and reputation.  A company with low sickness and absence rates as a result of following correct health and safety protocols will undoubtedly rise in reputation within the industry, and will also lower the risk of any revenue or time lost as a result of employee rehabilitation.  It makes perfect sense that all managers should not only be willing to take responsibility for workplace safety protocols, but should also be knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to such matters.

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