Lift and slinging

Course Objectives

On the completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the legal requirements associated with use of the equipment.
  • Be able to carry out pre-use checks to determine if the equipment is safe to use.
  • Understand the importance of sling angles and safe working load (SWL).
  • Correctly and safely sling a variety of loads.

Elements Covered

  • Why we train
  • HASAWA 1974
  • PUWER 1998
  • LOLER 1998
  • MHSWR 1999
  • Accidents and associated risks
  • Personal risk assessment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Lifting tackle
  • Slings and slinging
  • Crane signals
  • Basic engineering principles
  • Pre-use checks & reporting defects
  • Safe working procedures
  • Practical training on all above
  • Theory and practical testing

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