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Certain jobs in industry and supply require manual handling – that is, using your own body strength to pick up and move items or tools around a warehouse or work environment from place to place, often on a repetitive basis.  This type of work may seem either simple or laborious, however, it is neither – providing that it is undertaken in the correct way to avoid risk to injury or repetitive strain.  Not all jobs can be delegated to machines or helpful tools – meaning that, if you are responsible for operatives or workers who are likely to be lifting and moving items on a regular basis, it is crucial that they are versed and are confident in manual handling techniques before they risk their health and your business’ reputation.

Manual handling is much more that lifting correctly and using the correct stance when bending and picking – there are a wide range of handling techniques that need to be adhered to at all times within the workplace as per health and safety regulations, meaning that it is not only in the best interests of your workers’ safety, but also in the interest of you adhering to workplace law.  Failing to ensure your staff have correct manual handling training could result in legal ramifications for you and your firm should the worst occur to any members of staff under your employ.  Therefore, there really is no risk to your workers learning the risks – therefore allowing them to confidently handle and manoeuvre products and equipment around your operation with minimised risk of injury or accident.


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UK Industries Training offer a number of different short and intensive manual handling courses, offering refresher and full-length inductions in the right way to handle and transport items manually within the workplace without risking injury to workers or damage to any equipment.  An employee who understands correct manual handling techniques will be able to confidently ensure that they carry out the tasks you expect of them without bringing harm to themselves, their colleagues or your stock.  Therefore, by ensuring that your whole workforce takes advantage of our training modules, you can rest easy that your employees are clued up on what is expected of them when it comes to lifting and moving often heavy or unwieldy items around a warehouse or shop floor.

UK Industries Training are experts in offering powered access and manual handling training to a wealth of different businesses and industries up and down the country, having worked closely with well-known household brands and firms to ensure that employees are given safe, legal and comprehensive advice on how to conduct themselves in the workplace.  Our handling techniques training will allow your employees to assess risks, understand the causes of accidents and how to prevent them from occurring – making your operation a whole lot safer with legal and safety ramifications clear and confident within your employees’ minds.  Why not contact us today for further information on how we can bring safer manual handling to your workplace?