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Need to know about Reach Trucks

What is a Reach Truck?

A reach truck is a common piece of machinery, a type of forklift which is often used in warehouses. They are specially designed to work in tight, hard to reach places, even in aisles less than 2.5 meters wide. Though compact, these trucks can offer a maximum lift height in excess of 10 meters! This makes them a huge asset to any company, as they can reach into places which other types of forklifts or bigger trucks cannot.


Benefits of this truck

As mentioned before, using a reach truck is highly advantageous because they can access areas which average forklift trucks cannot. Also, when using a reach truck to lift a load, the truck lifts the load back with the wheelbase – this means that less of the load protrudes from the machine, so the truck can work in much tighter aisles.

Reach trucks are so called because the truck has the ability to reach beyond the stabilising legs, even reaching into racking. Due to the stabilising legs and batteries in the enhanced truck, the need for a counterbalance within the truck construct is negated.

The operator of a reach truck sits sideways of when using the machine. From this position, drivers have a great visibility, as loads which are picked up cannot obstruct the driver’s frontal view so they can see where they are going clearly, when moving forwards. But, it can be a position that takes some getting used to as other forklifts or reach trucks are operated whilst the driver faces the front. Certain truck manufacturers design their operating trucks with a tilting cab mechanism, offering a better viewing position for the trucks operator. However, other makes offer an open, overhead guard, meaning that this is not required. If further visibility is required, reach trucks can even have cameras built into them on the fork carriage, so that images can be transmitted down to a screen fitted in the cab.

Moreover, using advanced reaching trucks takes away the need for manual labour. Rather than workers struggling to lift heavy objects, or straining retrieve objects from high shelves, a reach truck can do all the work for you!


Forklift Driver Training forklift truck yellow and blackTraining to use a truck

If handled correctly, a truck such as this can be an extremely useful piece of equipment. At UK Industries Training, we can start you on the road to becoming a fully qualified operative, helping you through the legalities as you gain your licence! It is important to undergo forklift training courses if you want to learn to drive any kind of forklift or reach truck. Training is important for your safety and the safety of your fellow colleagues, so that you prevent damages or accidents in the work place from happening.

Forklift training can be made simple and easy if you choose to train with UK Industries Training. Our friendly and cooperative staff will help you on the way! Just call us on 0115 880 0188 to book your place now.