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Are you safe when working around cables?

Are you safe when working around cables?

The work of an engineer is often both complex and fraught with a number of hazards and difficulties – and the work of an electrical engineer is perhaps more so than any other.  After all, much is expected from the people who repair and supply our electrical equipment – we expect our systems and supplies to work without a hitch, and that we are to be safe at all times when using them.  It’s a reasonable expectation – but so, too, should an electrical engineer expect to be safe when working with and around equipment and avoid cabling that may be considered harmful in a number of different circumstances.

Anyone working closely with the supply and maintenance of electricity or cabling should always be trained thoroughly and should be confident in their ability to fix, maintain and supply wires and electricity networks of varying lengths and complexities – meaning that all electricians and engineers should carry a form of accreditation before they even consider undertaking any public work or that on behalf of a private firm.  The dangers of working with cabling and generators are fairly easy to understand – but it is understanding that is needed in order for such equipment to be used safely and effectively.

What to be wary of

Cabling comes in all lengths and forms, meaning that it is important for electrical engineers to take responsibility not only for the work they carry out, but also for any protective clothing required of them.  After all, there is not just the health and safety of the public to consider, but also their own wellbeing – and a stray wire or loose cabling could pose a risk to even the most diligent of electrical engineers.  Standardised training and guidance is highly recommended for electricians at all levels and stages of their respective careers, as it allows for national safety guidelines and approved precautions to be rolled out across everyone likely to be working with high-risk electricity supplies.

How to make sure your work is safe

You may be confident with working around cables and generators – you may even be well-versed in electrical engineering – but there is more to training than simply understanding how to effectively operate certain equipment.  It’s also a case of understanding your responsibility and your position in ensuring public safety as well as your own.  Do you know how to safely set up a new generator, to fix cabling or to ensure that an electricity supply is fit for constant use until its next safety check?  Regardless of your level of confidence or experience, it is never too late or too early to ensure that you are versed in what is expected from you in your role as an electrical engineer.

UK Industries Training provide a host of thorough, industry-approved training and learning standards that will ensure that you can carry out electrical maintenance and supply both safely and responsibly, and above all with confidence – for more information on the courses we offer and the ad-hoc training that you can sign up for at any time, call us today on 0115 880 0188 or email us via web form and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.