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What is a side loader forklift truck?

What is a side loader forklift truck?

The forklift truck was invented in the early twentieth century. After World War Two, these trucks exploded in popularity and people began using the worldwide. Fast forward to today and highly efficient forklift trucks are an essential piece of machinery in warehouses and manufacturing. Learn More…

There are various types of forklift truck today, from the three-wheel counterbalance lift truck, the teletruck, powered pallet lift trucks, pumps trucks, reach trucks and, of course, side loaders.

A side loader forklift truck pretty much does what it says on the tin. Side loader forklifts are powerful industrial trucks which lift loads from the side, so they are well suited to carry wide or long loads. Narrow aisles which may be a problem for regular forklift trucks can be easily navigated through in a side loader.

Side loader forklift trucks may be considered safer than conventional forklift trucks because they pick loads up from the side, meaning that the driver of the forklift truck has full view of what is in front of and behind them, whereas a regular forklift truck may sometimes have reduced visibility at the from due to large loads.

Safety is a priority where forklift trucks are concerned. Forklifts are often a huge help in the work place, reducing the need for manual labour as they carry bulky and heavy loads – sometimes loads which can cause the forklift to tip over! Moreover, the load on the forklift (whether it be on the side or otherwise) can seriously reduce the driver’s visibility and this can cause accidents in the work place.

So, it is imperative that anyone wishing to operate a forklift undergo training so that they can safely operate the vehicle. Many accidents in the work place can be cause by those who are not properly qualified operating such a dangerous machine; bumping into employees on the ground or moving the vehicle too fast so that it topples over. Accidents may also occur when forklifts are left unattended without first shutting off the power, setting the brakes and lowering the forks.

At UK Industries Training we will teach you how to check your forklift before your drive it and how to move off safely. As with regular driving, operating a forklift is all about being aware. We can teach you how to be vigilant and aware in the work place, ensuring that other employees stay safe. We’ll show you how to avoid and handle hazardous situations and how to load the forklift correctly. You want to make sure that and loads you consider carrying are suitable and that you can move them safely.

Our thorough forklift training course will qualify you in driving a forklift and we’ll see you operating one in no time. So if you want to operate a forklift truck, or if you know somebody else that does, get in touch with UK Training Industries on 01158800188 today, and get started! Learn to drive a forklift now, and you’ll never look back!