What is Site Management Safety Training (SMSTS) and why might you need it?

What is Site Management Safety Training (SMSTS) and why might you need it?

No matter which role on a construction site or team you may be working in, it’s essential that you understand the correct procedures and processes for keeping yourself safe, as well as others around you, in the forefront of your mind at all times.  Construction sites can be particularly hazardous places due to the sheer amount of heavy items, machinery and complex tasks that are required of staff each and every day.  To ensure that a construction team understands not only their job role but also the ramifications of poor form and safety awareness, full training is essential for all – but it is just as important for site management to receive equal training and knowledge on how to keep the site, their staff, and the public safe at all times.  It is not simply a case of protecting others from harm or injury – it is also a matter of law, and failure to understand or to adhere to site safety and procedures could result in legal action or worse in the long-term.

Why should you take this course?

Therefore, it is recommended that Site Management Safety Training be undertaken and refreshed regularly.  The modules within the course aim to cover all potential risks, hazards and dangers, as well as observing just what makes an effective and safe site manager.  As a site manager, you are not only expected to ensure that your team undertake the work that is expected of them, but you are also expected to have their safety and interests at heart – and while individual staff will be expected to adhere to the correct health and safety protocols at all times, it is also expected that you should be able and willing to oversee general site safety and procedures that will ensure your team, and the job at hand, are treated with care and respect.

Site Management Safety Training provided by UK Industries Training is recognised by the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) and is therefore recommended for any site management working within Great Britain.  It is also required that you refresh your training regularly, and we therefore offer packages and opportunities for you to do so efficiently and at minimal cost.  Our training modules will allow you to focus on areas such as risk assessments, managing electricity and excavation work safely, the safe and proper use of scaffolding and confined spaces, working at height, occupational health management, demolition safety protocols, behavioural safety and other essential regulations and practices covered by The Health and Safety at Work Act and regulations falling under Construction Design and Management (CDM).

Looking for site management training?

Managing a construction site and/or team can be considerable work, and it is all the more important to ensure that you are aware of, and appreciate, the safety and security protocols that will need to come into practice on a daily basis on-site.  For more information on our courses, and how we can ensure that you are ready and able to manage a construction site with ease and confidence, call UK Industries Training today on 0115 880 0188.