Terms & Conditions

UK Industries Training Terms and Conditions

Please read on for our full Terms and Conditions.

You can also open and download a copy here: UK Industries Training Terms and Conditions[3]

You are required to arrive 15 Minutes before the course start time. If you arrive late there is no guarantee you will be able to sit the course and cancellation conditions will be applied.

There is an element of reading and writing included in this course, if you require glasses to either read or drive please ensure that you bring them with you. If you any difficulties reading and writing please either inform us prior to the course start date or inform your instructor on the day of the course. The instructors will be more than happy to assist you where required.

This course will be presented in English only, if you feel that you are likely to have any problems understanding the course, it is recommended that you bring someone with you to translate who is not participating in the course. (No lunch will be provided for any interpreter unless an additional payment of £5 is made prior to the course date)

PPE requirements for courses with a practical element.

Hard Hat

Harness (If you are using your own harness please ensure it is in date and has got proof of previous harness checks) Harness are available for £65 + VAT


Safety Boots


Appropriate Warm Clothing

Lunch is provided on weekdays only for full day courses.  Refreshments are also available on site.  Lunch is not supplied on weekends.

Licences will not be issued until invoices are all paid in full. If you require them sooner please make us aware so we can arrange for the training to be paid upfront

Cancellation Policy, Open Courses on our Premises

72 Hours – 0%

48 Hours – 50%

24 Hours or less – 100%.

Cancellation Policy, CSkill Courses, Site Booked Courses and Instructor Bookings

7- 13 Days 50%

Less than 7 Days 100%


The customer is responsible for ensuring all the candidates are both mentally and physically fit to attend the course they are booked on. All candidates must be at least 16 years of age.

Candidates need to be aware that most courses are a full days course and no allowances can be made for doctors appointments, dentist etc, if any candidate takes unofficial leave from a course then they will be disqualified and will need to re-book the course at full course price.

Failure of the theory test may result in the practical test cannot be completed, if the theory test is failed then the course will have to be re-taken and paid for in full.

UK Industries Training will only cancel a course if the conditions put peoples safety in jeopardy, there are insufficient numbers set by the governing body to hold the course and mechanical issues with plant. We will not cancel a course due to our profit margin. We will not be liable for any consequential losses due a course being cancelled.

Delegates who do not behave in the appropriate manner on a training course will be asked to leave, please see below examples:-

  • Abusive and threatening behaviour
  • Late arrivals
  • Using mobile or any other electronic device while being instructed
  • Falling asleep while being instructed
  • Behaviour which disrupts the course
  • Theft of others or company property
  • Destruction of company property
  • Using or showing signs of alcohol or drugs
  • Smoking in areas other than designated smoking areas

Please note the following information detail which may apply to your course.


Please note the required PPE.

You are paying for 1 day of training, depending on ability the course can be 1-3 days.

If you are doing a PAL + course then you will need to have completed the standard course first.

For the Demonstrators course you will need the standard PAL course in the relevant categories.

The PDI course, you will need to have held the PAL category for at least 6 months.

Lanyards on the harness must be the adjustable fixed type, not the shock absorber type.


For Towers on Stairs you will need your towers for users before you attend this course.

Please bring your National Insurance Number as this is needed for registration.

Driver CPC

If you are taking or your course counts towards Driver CPC then we will need your driver license.

Fork Truck all Categories

For a refresher course we will need to see your previous license, this can be by any awarding body.

For an experienced course then we may need a letter from your employer stating you have used this equipment before.

No previous experience will be needed for the novice course.


SSSTS and SMSTS, if these are refreshers then you will need to have an in date certificate to attend these courses. If yours has expired then you will need to take the full course.

Please note, the Site Supervisors and Site Managers courses are aimed at delegates with experience of these types of positions, please make sure you fully understand the course aims and objectives.


Upon arrival you will need a photo ID, driving license or passport, or two forms of secondary ID, which must have an address and one must have a photo.

A separate booking confirmation from CITB will be issued when booked.

Face Fit

You must be cleanly shaven or the masks will not fit.

You must bring all the different masks you use, the test is not a generic  test, it is mask specific as some manufacturers masks do nut suit all the different face shapes.

Training on Customers Site

Please read and take in the following if training is to be conducted on your site. 


Please find below a list of basic requirements that will need to be in place for accredited operator training to take place on your premises. Please check the items listed under each heading and, if you are satisfied that your premises meet the required standard, sign and return this form to us.

If you have any questions about any of the items on this list please do not hesitate to contact us.


All facilities must meet health and safety requirements

  • Clear fire and emergency evacuation procedures must be available for all on site
  • Appropriate first aid resources must be available for the duration of the course – please ensure that the instructor is aware of nominated first aider.
  • A current Health and Safety at Work poster must be displayed and a written Health and Safety policy must exist (if the organisation has more than 5 employees)
  • Evidence of training risk assessment
  • Appropriate insurance
  • Parking for the instructor


A room should be set aside for the duration of training for theory training, this room should:

  • Be a minimum of 4m x 4m.
  • Have tables and chairs for trainees and the instructor
  • Be well lit, heated and ventilated
  • Be free from distractions and interruptions
  • Windows must have blinds
  • Have access to a 240v outlet for power point and DVD presentations


A specific area must be set aside for the duration of the training this area must:

  • Be segregated from normal working activities
  • Be big enough to allow the machine type to manoeuvre safely
  • Reflect the environment and employment conditions in which the candidate will be expected to work
  • Have a floor that is suitable condition for the vehicle type and training
  • Allow for uninterrupted training and the instructor must be heard over any other background noise
  • Be properly signed to indicate that training is in progress
  • The middles of the practical area should have a radius of 75% of the max working envelope
  • There must be a target area to a minimum of 75% of the machines max working height
  • Be adequately lit
  • Be well ventilated
  • Have unobstructed access to emergency exits


Certain facilities and resources will need to be available for the duration of the course, including:

  • A lift truck that is fit for purpose and available for the whole of the course
  • Be an indoor facility (unless the training being provided requires outdoor conditions)
  • An appropriately installed industrial racking system that is free from damage and suitable for the types of palletised loads used during training
  • 12 pallet locations at three heights, with the highest at a minimum 3m (9ft 9 inches)
  • Information about the Safe Working Load (SWL) should be available for reference
  • If racking is not relevant to the operations carried out at your premises then suitable alternative stacking facilities should be made available
  • Sufficient quantity of palletised loads of varying types, weights and sizes – all in good condition and appropriate to the racking system (if applicable) and equipment used
  • Sufficient quantity of unladen pallets
  • 2 x barrels for manoeuvring exercises
  • Sufficient appropriate materials for the construction of simulated aisles, a chicane and an enclosed area for restricted manoeuvring exercises (instructor can provide if necessary)
  • Safe access to refuelling/recharging area
  • Suitable PPE and equipment to conduct pre-use inspection
  • Access to a vehicle flatbed (this subject will be covered as theoretical session if a flatbed is not available)
  • Access to a ramp or incline (this subject will be covered as a theoretical session if ramps or inclines are not available)


  • Evidence of current Report of Thorough Inspection for the vehicle used for training
  • Operator handbook for the equipment to be used for training
  • Any relevant procedures and policies relating to your site


Failure to conform to the above will result in the cancellation of the course, all course fees and associated costs will be met by the customer, re-booking will be at full course rate.