What is a CPC Qualification?

What is a CPC Qualification?

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A CPC Qualification (Certificate of Professional Competence) is required by law to have alongside

your vocational licence if you drive a bus, coach or lorry in a professional manner. You can’t legally

drive your vehicle without one. So if you work in, or wish to work in, the road haulage or

passenger-carrying industry you should get your qualification through UK Industries Training,

and here’s why;


The aims of driver CPC – why do you need it?

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We all want improved road safety, and this is the ultimate aim of a CPC qualification.

A heavy-duty vehicle can do a lot of damage, not just to yourself, your passengers and the vehicle,

but also to other road users, especially cyclists and small cars.

A CPC-Qualification ensures that drives are up to date in current legislation as well as being trained

in driving technique, vehicle performance and safety, this will help reduce accidents, which in turn

will keep insurance premiums down. How can that not be a bonus?


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You will need to do 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to keep your CPC qualification. This

might sound like a lot but, as we all know, the driving industry acquires more and more regulations

all the time and so periodic training is necessary to keep up to date with current legislations. To

provide the driver with continued professional development UK Industries Training refresh their

courses annually.


To start out as a heavy-duty vehicle driver you need the CPC initial qualification, which consists of

4 parts:

● Theory

● Driver case studies test

● Driving ability test

● Driver practical demonstration test

Once you’ve passed these 4 parts you will receive a driver qualification card which is valid for 5

years, you will then have to start your periodic training to keep your CPC qualification.

Don’t worry about fitting all the training into a few days, it’s up to you when you do the courses,

as long as you do them within 5 years.

Bespoke training – individual training to suit you and your


The periodic training for a CPC qualification contains mandatory modules like safety, legislation,

fuel efficiency and the law and your company. However, it can be a good idea to add bespoke

modules depending on what company you work for and what type of heavy-duty vehicle you are


If you drive a vehicle carrying passengers you might want to do a module about emergency first

aid in case of an accident.

If you drive a lorry and need to carry heavy loads you might want to do a module about manual

handling and loading and unloading your vehicle.

UK Industries Training offers both mandatory and bespoke modules for your CPC qualification, so

it’s easy to ensure that both the driver and the company use the 35 hour training requirement to

it’s full potential and still fulfil the legislation requirements.


Avoid a £1000 fine – get qualified!

Make sure you’re driving safely and legally, get your CPC qualification now. UK Industries Training

offers CPC initial qualification, periodic training as well as bespoke training.

Getting a CPC qualification with UK Industries Training won’t just open the door to an exciting new

career, it will also make sure you and other road users are safe out there on the road.