Why Forklift Training is Essential

Why Forklift Training is Essential

We’ve all seen those videos that have gone viral of forklift operators crashing into large scale warehouse shelves and creating a domino effect of objects come crashing down. Yes, this may have been a temporary lapse in concentration – but it goes to show that forklifts can be dangerous in the wrong hands and this normally shows business owners why forklift truck training is essential, no matter the circumstance.

In the UK, there are many different locations in which a forklift may be required, whether a distribution centre, construction site or industrial factory. With an abundance of forklift trucks, they can become a huge hazard in the workplace. In the UK alone, forklift trucks cause a death every six weeks and cause 24% of workplace injuries.

In private and commercial environments, the only training that is required is the basic forklift training, but this does not cover any aspect of how to use it safely in a workplace. Or how to safely operate around colleagues. This is why forklift training essential…

Learning How to Control the Truck Forklift Truck is Essential

Learning how to competently control the forklift is an essential part of operation. Without knowing how to manoeuvre the vehicle, it could easily result in a fatal incident.

Looking at a forklift, many think they would know how to use it. However, due to the sensitive steering which makes it a durable addition to a warehouse, they can be much harder than first imagined. Therefore training is absolutely vital before trying to operate one.

Controlling the Vehicle Around Employees

It may seem like a self-explanatory point, that manoeuvring the vehicle should be done carefully and with other employees in mind. However, to some, this isn’t always the case. It is a shocking revelation that many workplace injuries involving forklifts are not self-inflicted and are caused by negligent behaviour of drivers themselves.

Using the Forklift in a Considerate and Safe Way

There have been numerous occasions where the improper use of forklifts has led to serious injury. In one case, a wholefoods worker used the prongs of a forklift to stand on. After losing his balance and falling to the ground breaking numerous bones in his body, he sued the company for more than £100,000 in damages.

Now you’d think that it was unfair for the company to be sued damages for something that was the driver’s own fault? Well, if they had put the 26-year-old through the correct training on how to use a forklift safely, they wouldn’t be liable in the slightest – however, they didn’t, so it was assumed he knew no better.

These aren’t the only reasons why forklift training is essential but they are the most important ones. No matter how competent you feel before training, it’s always important to go through forklift training to ensure that you know EXACTLY how to operate the vehicle and in which way.