Safety Harness Training Courses

Working at height? You need MEWP harness training

Working at height?  You need MEWP harness training

Anyone working at height, whether part of a maintenance task or while involved in a more involved construction project, should be aware that safety is paramount – not only to themselves, but to those around them, and even to the public in certain scenarios.  Using a MEWP (a Mobile Elevating Work Platform) not only requires the correct safety equipment and clothing, but also a great deal of awareness – after all, an engineer that is confident in their work will be able to undertake it both safely and efficiently without any risk to the health and safety of themselves or others.

Why you need this training

If you are working at height via a MEWP, you will be required to wear a specific harness that will allow you to carry out your maintenance safely and securely.  These harnesses are provided and fitted to help protect you in the event of an accident and to prevent you from sustaining injuries or worse.  The correct use of your MEWP harness depends largely upon your knowledge of what it does, why it does it, and how you can effectively use it to protect yourself while working at height at all times.  It is essentially your first line of defence while working up in the heavens, and you’ll be thankful for it should the worst ever occur!

In order for engineers to better understand the safety principles in working at height on a MEWP, UK Industries Training recommend taking on a comprehensive half-day training course dedicated to MEWP harnesses.  This short and simple to follow course will enable your team to be able to safely equip and use harnesses while operating MEWPs and working at height at all times – and they will depart knowing how to use various tools and products that may be required while wearing such harnesses.

What you will learn from the training

The training will help engineers to understand which harness and lanyards to use, how to equip and fit them correctly, and how to attach them safely via anchor points.  In addition to this training in how to use harnesses, engineers will also be advised on how to effectively check their equipment for defects and how to protect themselves against any eventuality.  The course will also allow attendees to become aware of health and safety standards and the practice expected of them in the workplace while using such harnesses and MEWPs.

The use of MEWP harnesses and lanyards requires brief but essential training that will enable engineers to become confident and aware of the risks that could open up to them while working at height – and this is why it is essential that anyone likely to be working via MEWPs should be enrolled or refreshed via dedicated training as soon as possible.
For more information on how MEWP harness training can help bring fresh confidence to your team, call UK Industries Training today on 0115 880 0188 or contact us via web form – and we will be more than happy to arrange simple, affordable and effective training modules for your team at your convenience.