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Working safely in confined space

Working safely in confined space

No matter your trade nor your industry, you may find that there will be some occasions where you or your staff are required to work in extremely tight spaces or conditions – whether it be in a situation at height or in a cage environment, or even at the controls of a powered access platform – knowing the risks and dangers of working within an enclosed space is essential, not only from a legal standpoint, but also from a safety and well being standpoint too. Just because there’s less room for accidents to be caused doesn’t necessarily mean that you are free from danger entirely.

Spatial awareness is a must in all construction and maintenance work, and so is the use of appropriate equipment, clothing and a working understanding of the environment in which an employee is to operate. There must be procedures and guidelines in place to ensure that an engineer can safely enter and exit a confined space with ease, and without risk of injury or worse.  Therefore, training and education on how to properly conduct oneself in such an environment is highly recommended – after all, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and awareness is far more preferable to ignorance. This, again, is a matter of safety not only for the individual, but for the team, the employer and the business – health and safety guidelines are in place to encourage proper form and awareness as well as to act as a legal safeguard.

Protect yourself when you are working in confined spaces

UK Industries Training offers a comprehensive and short educational course in confined space training which will enable each and every employee in attendance to understand how to conduct themselves in tight spaces and why it is important to always be aware of their surroundings.  The course we offer will not only focus on their ideal conduct in such a situation, but will also observe areas such as risk assessment, necessary permits, equipment checks, safety inspections and emergency procedure knowledge – the latter of which is absolutely paramount in the event of an engineer needing to leave or enter a confined space at short notice.

We will also allow attendees to understand practical scenarios and will discuss good practice throughout – all the while helping to encourage an appreciation of the types of SCBA available and the regulations and processes in place to help protect them their jobs and the people that they work with and for.  We feel that an appreciation of why such procedures are set up is just as healthy as knowing how to be safe in a working environment – and you can be assured that we will have both areas thoroughly covered by the end of the short course.

For more information on how you or your employees can learn more about working in confined spaces, contact UK Industries Training today on 0115 880 0188 or via web form – and we will be more than happy to arrange course places for you at your convenience.  After all, staying safe in the workplace is in the interest of everyone – not just the engineer in charge of the task at hand!